Being honest about your position in life is crucial to your self development. It’s always helpful to have affirmations to guide yourself into the life you want. However; you must recognize where your roots are birthed.

What is it that you have now in which you can water and bear fruits from? Life is a mixture of your physical reality, mental, emotional and spiritual reality. The trick is to harmonise those realities and to create the ultimate preffered situation from what you possess.

How can we recognize our gifts from each category of our lifes?

We must consider these topics in HONESTY: (speak/ write freely)

In a few words, how would you sum up you physical reality?

In a few words how would you sum up your mental reality?

In a few words how would you sum up your emotional reality?

In a few words how would you sum up your spiritual reality?

Then after you have finished writing this down, write down your ideal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual reality would look like.

This is a great exersise to recognise the begining of your journey to the goal of your journey.

Now how will you figure out the rest in between may you ask?

Contact me, let’s set up a session. I would love to help you learn how to love and heal your heart, mind, body and soul through my one month jump start life coaching program. Consultation is free of charge. Join me for a cup of tea or coffee in your local cafe and let’s talk about it.


-Vivian Jalique

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