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Our mission is to empower women with holistic self love, providing nonjudgemental space and guidance. Providing a step by step personalized package to heal and love your heart, mind, body, & soul. In this program My Love Manual, each session is tailored to your needs and true desires in your life. The end goal is to connect to your true path in life through the self empowerment & the self love that you will strengthen in our sessions.

Your Coach

Vivian Jalique

My name is Vivian Jalique and I have made it my personal mission to guide women to their inner greatness and power through my compassionate sessions. I understand that through our different struggles in life, it can be difficult to prioritize your self care, self love, and self improvement. Especially when you feel pressured to play so many roles in life, with no clue on where or when to start.

As a single working mother in the Bay Area, I realised that constantly being tunnel visioned and ignoring self care can make you forget your needs. Your heart, mind, body, and soul desires validation to take care of your being. Sometimes, you just need the right influence and someone to hold you accountable with compassionate constructive criticism. You also want this person to be involved in holistic wellness.

I have been coaching women through massage sessions for 6 years now (California Certified CMT), I have been an energy worker for 7 years, meditation guide for 8 years. I practice herbalism, hypnotherapy, and art therapy. I am also a Certified Life Coach through Transformation Academy. Holistic healing is my passion.

If you are ready, I am here to guide you on this journey now.